"...there is a beautiful synchronicity in how as entities in the recruitment sector we manage to cross-fertilise and help one another... it's a win-win... and Tony's deep pedagogical experience and insight into organisational culture has been great for us!" Associate Recruitment Sector Training Partner, London

"Tony does unique work and the effort he spent as a career coach on communication analysis opened my eyes! Quite specific things to address. Definitely recommended!" Stuart Gordon, Business Development Executive

"I couldn't talk to audiences at all. You gave me the confidence to speak to lecture halls with hundreds of professionals and to live TV cameras." Diana Wilson, OCD-UK

"I've just been offered a place at Oxford. Thanks for your time and help. The two hours training were essential for the interviews!" István, doctoral researcher (neuroscience)

"...wide-ranging experience and a refreshing approach ... incredibly effective with individuals at all levels and backgrounds." Associate Recruitment Sector Training Partner, London

" It got me thinking more acutely and more strategically about what I was involved in, who I was involved with, and how I am involved. It's really given me great confidence." L. Michel, Global Head of Client Information, Fixed Income Sales & Marketing, BNP Paribas

"The manager loved the way it was expressed ... very impactful and powerful." Marcela Robins, Melbourne

"Reviewing the influencing work, I've started to see things coming my way more... Our day has already proven itself in value... Thank you!" Todd King, Marketing Manager, AMP Capital Shopping Centres

"That has to be the best speech I ever made." Paul Gillespie, Corporate Responsibility and Marketing strategist

"... very patient and professional, and especially inspiring! He passed on not only skills, but also his attitude and responsibility." Meicun Li, Sales Director, BTG-Jiangguo Hotels & Resorts

"Clifford Chance gave me a Training Contract offer yesterday! ... very happy to have secured a training placement with so many prospects. I could have never done it without your support and clear methodology. It gave me so much confidence and a solid strategy." Anna, Cambridge Law Graduate

"... very much impressed by your many powerful and wonderful analogies."
Yan, British postgraduate

"You'd think with a Portsmouth MBA I wouldn't have a problem building business relationships. Tony took communication skills training beyond language into a cross-cultural framework to look at my behaviour and voice, as part of it." Catherine Yu, Sweet China Plc.

"Thank you again for taking the time to train me up on the methodology. You were patient, adaptive to my needs and questions – a true pro!" Natalie Wilkins, HR Consultant and Career & Leadership Coach & Facilitator

"... from a competitor, I received a call from the Director just this morning to offer me the job! This is a great opportunity to move into management. So thank you very much. I would not be in this situation without your help." Caroline Larens, IT professional

"Tony's tactical and targeted self-promotion coaching that I've been using for many years helped me get me get ahead in Telecom NZ and Ooredoo in Qatar - he's amazing." Hamish Goulter, Senior Strategic Marketer and Regulatory Expert in Telecoms

"Thank you! I feel I have learnt so much - it has really helped me. I have passed your name on to loads of people at Disney." Juliette Dixon, Disney Consumer Products

"After years working for the same company, I was unsure how to present myself to market, but Tony guided me through recruitment, so at all interviews I had a clear strategy... and now I've got a great new job." Doug Waller, International Sports Marketing, Dubai

"Tony designed all our original training courses ... they have passed the test of time in still being relevant and useful five years later ... and with all the fundamentals of good learning and development." Associate Recruitment Sector Training Partner, London

"I accepted their offer this morning and start at the beginning of February. I'm very excited - it's leading a project based team in the Market Risk area. Thanks very much for your coaching assistance. It made all the difference. Oh, yeah, I also get a 60% pay-rise!" Larry Cohen, IT professional